This portfolio shows a small sampling of work I have done in custom graphic design and rendering. All graphics were created by me, either completely from scratch or through compositing existing stock graphics/photos with original graphics/photos.

My personal business card I designed.

Personal Card

Set of custom build graphics for two of the Applications my company has developed for the Android Platform.

ADA Application PromoWeingarten App Promo

ADA Reference App IconADA Reference App Lite IconWeingarten App Icon

Seals and Logos Designed for Metro Baptist Church’s Website Project used up to early 2013. The Ambassador Teens seals on the right are still active logos, and where “digitized” from an embroidered seal, from which no digital version existed prior to conversion.

MBC LogoMBC Sportmans SealAbassadorTeensSealAbassadorTeensSeal-Red

Special Anniversary Logos Designed for the 39th and 40th Anniversaries of Metro Baptist Church.


3D rendered Promotional Graphic Created for the Annual Winter Wonderland Ladies Conference for Metro Baptist Church.


Some promotional graphics from the  Metro Baptist Church’s Website used up to early 2013.


Various 3D Rendered Graphics

Butter Burger

More to come…