[UPDATE: Verizon Wireless’s Social Media Team has reached out to make things right. Will be posting a detailed update post in the coming days.]

​I just had a terrible experience at the Verizon corporate store in Ann Arbor, MI.

I recently got a new iPhone SE direct from Apple. When I went to activate the phone and SIM card the online Verizon activation system couldn’t activate the SIM card.

I called Verizon and was told by the customer service representative at Verizon and they said I needed a new SIM card as my old 4G LTE nano SIM card (from my Moto X) wasn’t compatible. They informed me that I needed to go to a Verizon corporate store and get a new one. All I needed was my Verizon account’s phone number when picking up a SIM card.

When I got to the store, I explained to the manager that I was coming to pick up a new SIM card and was told I only needed to give her my Verizon phone number to link it to my account. The manage refused to give me a new card and said the customer service representative was wrong. She said she needed the phone’s “serial number”. When I told her I could get the serial number from my AppleCare plan online, she told me I was free to use any of the tablets to access my AppleCare account. She then told me she needed the IMEI number instead of the serial number.

She refused to honor Verizon’s promise and give me a SIM card. Even though I said I followed Verizon’s instructions, and explicitly asked the phone representative if I needed any additional information from the phone prior to coming into the store. The performance of the manager was extremely unsatisfactory and she was rude an uncooperative.